Fleet Risk Check

What is Fleet Risk?

Quite simply, Fleet Risk (or Work-Related Road Risk) is the risk that one of your staff may be involved in a collision while driving on business for your company. They could injure themselves or others. They could cause damage to vehicles or property.

Employers have a legal responsibility to assess and minimise this risk. If you run a small business, you may not think you have a fleet, but if anyone in your business ever drives a car or van on your behalf, all of these issues still apply to you and your business.



Why do you need to manage it?

If you employ 5 or more people, under the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999, you are required to make written risk assessments of how your business activities could impact employees and others. The Health and Safety Executive is very clear that this legislation extends to work-related driving, as cars and vans used for business are now legally considered to be an extension of the work place. Even if you employ less than 5 people you still have a legal duty of care to ensure that your firm’s driving activities don’t put drivers or other road users at risk.


Poor management of those who drive for work can also cost your organisation huge amounts of money, but often in ways you didn’t realise, eating into your profits without you realising. The obvious costs such as insurance and repairs can be scary enough but did you know the hidden costs of a collision are generally between x4 and x32 the cost of repairing the vehicle? Understanding where the gaps are, and improving your work-related road risk management procedures can therefore bring big financial benefits to your business and minimise the chance of reputational damage.


Your FREE Fleet Risk Check

Developed by risk management experts at Driving for Better Business, Van Excellence and FleetCheck, Fleet Risk Check is an interactive evaluation of your current level of fleet-related risk. Risk Audit will help you establish how your organisation is managing the risks associated with occupational driving, as well as highlighting areas of weakness, and tailored support is on offer to help you address the issues and concerns you may have.


The risk assessment is divided into four sections, each of which requires you to answer a series of exploratory questions, after which you will be able to download a personalised report showing your current position and with guidance on where and how you should look to improve.

The Company

The Company Builds a picture of your fleet and looks at the operational processes and procedures you have in place.

The Driver

Focuses on the staff you are placing behind the wheel and the level of road risk they are exposed to.

The Vehicle

Explores the standards and systems you have in place to ensure all your vehicles are safe and legal.

The Journey

Concentrates on the everyday practical decisions you have to make when planning driving routes.


Getting Started

Fleet Risk Check is designed entirely for your own benefit; no one is checking up on you, so please answer as honestly as possible in order to get the best possible advice.


You can work through one section at a time, or all four at once, saving progress as you go... either way, it’s important that the whole audit is completed in order to calculate an accurate risk profile.

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